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Founded 6 Nov 1976

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ULS Meeting Overview: 12 Mar 2005

Announcements:  Provided by Vernon Evans.  Click here for a recap of meeting announcements.

Conducting:  Vernon Evans

Meeting Minutes:  John Richards.  Click here for a recap of meeting minutes where John provides a lot of detail on the content of the meeting.

Major Presentation:  Aaron Olsen:  Night Collecting  Click here for a copy of Aaron's Powerpoint Presentation.

Those Attended:  Robert Johnson, Holden Johnson, Joel Johnson, Kirt Josephson, John Richards, Bob Mower, Ken Tidwell, Jack Harry, Bruce Dolen, Ray Evenson, Todd Stout, Wayne Whaley, Vernon Evans, Dale Nielson, Alan Myrup, and Aaron Olsen.

Aaron Olsen give outstanding presentation on blacklighting moth techniques Aaron Olsen entertains questions about Mercury Vapor Lamps and the Generators needed to illuminate them.
Aaron's demonstrates the lumens of this newly created Mercury Vapor Lamp.  It looks like his setup attracted a lot of male deer. Meeting attendees enjoying themselves during the break.

Group Picture Taken:  Top Row:  L-R Kirt Josephson, Todd Stout, Bruce Dolen, Wayne Whaley, John Richards, Ken Tidwell, Dale Nielson, and Aaron Olsen.  Bottom Row:  Ray Evensen, Bob Mower, Jack Harry, Alan Myrup, and Vernon Evans.   (Joel Johnson, Robert Johnson and Holden Johnson not pictured.)

All images of Limenitis weidemeyeri on the ULS Info Bar courtesy Jay Cossey

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