Utah Lepidopterists' Society

Founded 6 Nov 1976

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Members & Associates


Since its creation in 1976, the Utah Lepidopterists' Society has enjoyed membership from dozens of quality individuals with diverse backgrounds from inside and outside the state of Utah.  The links and personal web pages below are intended to honor those who currently or recently have contributed to the betterment of the Society.  In the future, it is our intention to create similar pages for more of those individuals who have made an impact on the early development of the lepidopterology in Utah.  (See first photo directly below.)

Utah Lepidopterists' Society in 1980

From Left to Right:  Back Row: Tom Spalding, Natalie Miles, Levi Phillips, Keith Dobry, Russ Mellish, Alan Myrup, Wayne Whaley, Keith Wagstaff, Next to the Back Row: Mary Fors, Front Row: John Richards, Kirt Josephson, Joel Johnson, COL Clyde Gillette, & Shawn Clark.


Utah Lepidopterists' Society in 2005

Top Row:  L-R Kurt Josephson, Todd Stout, Bruce Dolen, Wayne Whaley, John Richards, Ken Tidwell, Dale Nielson, Aaron Olsen.  Bottom Row:  Ray Evensen, Bob Mower, Jack Harry, Alan Myrup, and Vernon Evans.   (Several not pictured.)


George Andrushko Dale Nielson Shawn Clark

Emily Dial

Bruce Dolen Vernon Evans Ray Evenson COL Clyde Gillette
Jack Harry Bob Hardbarger Joel Johnson Kirt Josephson
Bob Mower Alan Myrup James Pearce Levi Phillips
John Richards Steve Sommerfeld Tom Spalding Todd Stout
Ken Tidwell Keith Wagstaff Wayne Whaley Jacque Wolfe
Aaron Olsen Robert Johnson Preston Hayes "Ranger Steve" Mueller

Please note:  If you are a member of the Society and would like a personal webpage created for you, please contact the webmaster.

All images of Limenitis weidemeyeri on the ULS Info Bar courtesy Jay Cossey

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